Bankside I

A series of thoughtful interventions has transformed this dark, dingy apartment into a spacious, open-plan home filled with calm and meditative spaces.

On the second floor of a three-storey Edwardian terrace in the densely populated London Bridge neighbourhood, this home (an office in its former life) had a history of unsympathetic alterations and extensions, leading to an unconventional and unwelcoming layout.

Simplicity is central to the design. The apartment has been stripped back and partitions removed to create an inviting open-plan layout. White panels divide the space, creating living and sleeping areas while sleek, full-height pivoting doors fold back into the walls, concealed to allow the space to be read as an uninterrupted whole. Bleached Douglas Fir flooring further enhances the minimalist aesthetic, providing the perfect backdrop to the owner’s striking art collection and furniture.

Intelligently designed storage, workspace and shower room take the form of sculptural boxes. The shower room’s basalt finish brings some darkness to the light, creating an intimate feel appropriate to this more personal space. Bedrooms are configured around storage, dressing and sleeping spaces and orientated towards the rear, where doors lead out onto a small terrace and views to the Thames and financial district beyond.

“The precision of the design builds on the small floorplate to create a generous sense of space, allowing users to control areas to suit their needs. We selected materials for their ability to reflect light throughout the apartment and to create a seamless skin or ‘box’ that the homeowners can make their own.” – Mark Stevens